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Hello? Anybody there?

Once upon a time, there was a Toshiba A200 laptop. The laptop was lonely and friendless until one day a fabulous lady named Jasmine picked it up and cherished it forever.

2.5 years later, the A200 entered its rebellious teen years and decided to cause poor (both financially and figuratively) Jasmine grief. First, its "Windows" key broke off. Jasmine figured this wasn't a big deal, you can't win every battle after all.

But then, the A200 decided to randomly flicker "off" from time to time. Again, Jasmine (being a wonderful and patient person) decided to put up with it, but the A200 went too far. It began flickering "off" (but not really turning off, just blanking out the screen) as soon as she rebooted it, interrupting her TV watching schedule.

Jasmine decided, enough was enough and took the A200 to Future Shop to be fixed.

This trip obviously scared the A200, and when it was returned (after the "doctor" said that it wasn't a hardware problem, but a software problem and to perform a system recovery), the A200 began working perfectly fine once again, and there was no need to do a system recovery.

Jasmine was pleased with the A200 and they lived harmoniously. For a month.

Then the A200 decided it was too good for the power cord it was packaged with. After weeks of fighting, Jasmine gave in, and bought the A200 a new power cord, resulting in being $100 poorer.

But the A200 wouldn't stop there! It decided to flicker itself "off" during the Women's Olympic Hockey final, causing Jasmine to miss the whole damn game!

Everyone knows you don't mess with a Canadian and hockey.

Eventually, Jasmine decided to back up the files on the A200 and perform...a System Recovery.

The A200 did not like this, and when Jasmine inserted the Disc 2 of 2 for the System Recovery process, the A200 flickered "off".

This ruined the system recovery process.

Jasmine got the blue screen of death, and then the black screen of death. After frantically googling what to do, she had to reluctantly do what the black screen of death suggested, "contact the manufacturer".

The A200 was rushed immediately to Future Shop once again. The A200 is getting a new keyboard (yay) but is also putting out loving Jasmine another $100 for something to do with the operating system.

The current state of the A200 is unknown. It is (hopefully) sitting in a technician's bed somewhere, being loved and cared for.

Jasmine can't sleep without the A200, she has been out of touch with the world.

I LOVE YOU A200, come back!
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