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Snippet from an email I sent to Graham (who is in Brazil!!!) recounting my shift on Saturday. It should be noted that I had been working closes all week and on 2 of the closes I had to do shit loads of extra cleaning because of a tour on Friday. Ashley and I had made plans to see Bruno on Saturday night.

It all begins with me deciding to work 11-7 instead of 12-8 so Ashley and I can see Bruno.  All is well, it's fairly slow so I send Ashley home around 12:30.  Of course it starts to pick up the minute I send her, and continues until about 2pm.

The shift is otherwise going fairly smoothly and I decide I want to leave at 6 instead of 7 so I call Karla and leave her a message asking her to start earlier so I can head out.

2 hours pass and I get a call from Karla, "Yeah I'm doing mission work for my church.  I told Ange that I couldn't work a bunch of dates this month and today was one of them."  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

So I call Ange who tells me to call other stores to get a manager to work it and I end up calling about half of the stores in the city (all that I can call in the time left I have before mystery shop starts and stores stop answering their phones), but surprise surprise, no one wants to work Saturday night close!  Meanwhile we are getting destroyed by a line in lobby...

I realize that I will be working close myself and declare war on the store and start to hardcore cheat getting everything done early.

Everything's going fine and dandy until about 9pm when a crazy crackhead (cch) comes into the store, he stares at Greg as if he is a unicorn or something, leaves and comes back.  I ask Greg what is up with this kid, and he tells me that he's definitely a crackhead.

So I'm thinking, Great, I love crackheads.  Looks like he's going to keep to himself.  No such luck.  I walk away to get lobby cleaning supplies and when I come out to lobby he's throwing sloppy a fit at an old couple sitting near him.  So I go over to him and politely tell him "This is a family restaurant so-" but he cuts me off to slur "I know I know!".

Clearly the situation is escalating so I sneak out the Carol Emergency Exit to get some help from Wal Mart, I go to Layaway thinking I'll get some help from there, but the area is vacant.  So I walk back to the photolab and make the photolab guy help me.
"So there's a crazy crackhead in my store..." as I lead him to the store I see the cch make a quick but messy exit.
"Is he just being a creep?"
"Yeah he's scaring my customers"
"Where'd he go?"
There's a gathering of Wal Mart customers and sales associates, all witnesses to his departure. "He left and said he was leaving and sorry."
"Great, glad that's done with."  I say, thinking this whole incident is now behind me.


I decide this is a good time to continue cleaning lobby when the old couple call me over and tell me that he was threatening to slit throats and such and they tell me I should have done something sooner.

I proceed with my cleaning when another set of customers (a family) call me over to tell me I should have acted faster.

At 9:45 I get this guy that comes in with his mail order bride and kids (I decided she was a mail order bride because she was asian and he was not hahahahahaha).  I tell them that we close in 5 minutes, but they decide to sit at a dirty table (only one of 5 dirty tables in lobby) and insist that I give them a tray.

OH and all the while I'm closing with Mike M and Greg, I had Colin on before them and my belt broke =(.

It was not a good day and I was very angry at Karla.

To conclude, I now have major anger issues and I never want to work close again.

And on that note, we saw Bruno tonight and it wasn't that funny.


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