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Perhaps I should live on my own. On a typical Saturday off, I would lay in bed and watch Star Trek all day.

However this is not a typical Saturday off. The family has gone to the States, so I have a whole day to myself.

I've been most (unusually) productive. I baked brownies, made jello shooters, washed my bedding and laundry, cleaned my room, went to the grocery store, AND I've even managed to sneak in a few episodes of Star Trek.

Of course, I did invite a bunch of people over tonight, so perhaps that is the reason I've been so productive. I guess we'll never know!

Stupid useless manager is a dumb bitch and has fake heat stroke (funny how she only has these emergencies when she's supposed to work a weekend close) so Graham has to work close instead of consuming jello shooters with us. That's the way it goes I suppose.


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