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Congrats, PB&J, Smack and Katy
Finally something positive that I can post!

Earlier this week I was sitting on my computer and decided to spam the Bank of Montreal's HR website by applying to every posting that I was qualified for and was within reasonable distance...after I had rearranged my resume.

I got a call the next day asking for me to come in for an interview on Thursday (yesterday)

I went in yesterday, and the Branch Manager told me they had just started interviewing people and would be in touch by the end of next week.

Earlier today I got a call offering me the job!


It's full time, Monday to Friday. I've already printed out my resignation letter and just have to hand her in.

I called my mom at work and she started crying, she was so happy. She'd been praying for me to find a good job for the past year and had thought God had "abandoned" me, but I think I knew better, sometimes he just has other plans, and sometimes you just have to help yourself.

So thanks to everyone that has prayed for me, or sent good vibes my way. Thanks to everyone that has ever offered me a word or paragraph of support, I very much appreciate it.

The thing I'm looking most forward to? A real, live, actual break!

Barrel sized
Arrested Development
I swear I've posted an entry more recently!

Well, I went to Homecoming for the first time ever the weekend before Thanksgiving, it was a lot of fun. We went to the football game for a bit, did some sketchy drinking in a sketchy locker room in the UCC, and finally ended the day with spending two hours in line to get into the Ceeps (the bar that has been dubbed Western's...quite frankly I don't understand it...). I would like to point out that 1. I don't wait in line to get into bars, and 2. I am not fond of the Ceeps, so it was an interesting day. While I was in line I happened to be in front of one of Pat's sorostitutes, and he came and joined her and I with some other sorority friends, and let me just say, that they lived up to all the hype. But it was fun none-the-less. Had some nice "family" time.

Work is work. The store manager was promoted and the 1st assistant manager was poached by a franchise store, so we're gonna have a big management change in December, should be interesting, and will make it easier to quit...

Last week we had a manager meeting at The Pickle Barrel and I had a good buzz after 2 extra large bellinis...which is strange because alcohol usually leaves me un-affected when it comes to chick drinks at restaurants...

That is all that's exciting in my life right now.

(no subject)
So I've been in Toronto for 2.5 weeks now. It's so weird to not live with my family. I know that the only time I talk about them is to complain, but they're an ok bunch, and the first few days I was here were pretty hard. I missed them a lot. They came to visit me two weekends ago and it was hard after they left too. But I'm ok now I think.

Graham got ahold of free tickets to the Rascal Flatts (is that their name? I dunno!) so I went with him since they were in Toronto and I'm always up for a free concert. It was nice to spend time with someone from home.

A bunch of my Toronto dwelling friends are now in the city since school has started, so I guess I'll be able to see them as well.

Plus, after two...or is it three months, my transfer is finally coming together. They are sending me to the Eaton Centre, which is the big mall in downtown Toronto, so that should be interesting and good for a few stories. Plus the little detail about the ops consultant's office being in the store...

That's about it. Thought I'd give an update. Nothing terribly exciting happening on this end.

Cult Things
I think I just joined a cult.

At least, that's what it felt like was happening yesterday at convocation. Hey, maybe I really am part of a cult that everyone else knows as Western Alumni.

It feels nice to have the piece of paper that says I'm (somewhat) smart.


I went to get my laptop today after they shipped it away to be fixed.


I've already taken it to them three times and not having a laptop has really been hindering my school work. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. What's the point of having a warranty if it's going to take me 3 months to get the damn machine fixed?!?!?!?!

Tales of an A200
That software problem the computer people insisted my computer had? A motherboard problem. Right. That commutes. They had to ship it off to a repair centre to be fixed and I still have no idea when I'll get it back.

I just want school to be done!

I was walking up to the University Community Centre last week and it was nice and sunny out and everyone was wearing summer clothes and smiling. It made me bitter.

And then it dawned on me. Perhaps I would have enjoyed this period of my life more if I just wasn't so bitter.

Alas, I'm still bitter, it's hard not to be when you haven't been able to use your laptop in a month and you are trying to finish up end of term assignments. Among other things.

Almost done!

Hello? Anybody there?
Once upon a time, there was a Toshiba A200 laptop. The laptop was lonely and friendless until one day a fabulous lady named Jasmine picked it up and cherished it forever.

2.5 years later, the A200 entered its rebellious teen years and decided to cause poor (both financially and figuratively) Jasmine grief. First, its "Windows" key broke off. Jasmine figured this wasn't a big deal, you can't win every battle after all.

But then, the A200 decided to randomly flicker "off" from time to time. Again, Jasmine (being a wonderful and patient person) decided to put up with it, but the A200 went too far. It began flickering "off" (but not really turning off, just blanking out the screen) as soon as she rebooted it, interrupting her TV watching schedule.

Jasmine decided, enough was enough and took the A200 to Future Shop to be fixed.

This trip obviously scared the A200, and when it was returned (after the "doctor" said that it wasn't a hardware problem, but a software problem and to perform a system recovery), the A200 began working perfectly fine once again, and there was no need to do a system recovery.

Jasmine was pleased with the A200 and they lived harmoniously. For a month.

Then the A200 decided it was too good for the power cord it was packaged with. After weeks of fighting, Jasmine gave in, and bought the A200 a new power cord, resulting in being $100 poorer.

But the A200 wouldn't stop there! It decided to flicker itself "off" during the Women's Olympic Hockey final, causing Jasmine to miss the whole damn game!

Everyone knows you don't mess with a Canadian and hockey.

Eventually, Jasmine decided to back up the files on the A200 and perform...a System Recovery.

The A200 did not like this, and when Jasmine inserted the Disc 2 of 2 for the System Recovery process, the A200 flickered "off".

This ruined the system recovery process.

Jasmine got the blue screen of death, and then the black screen of death. After frantically googling what to do, she had to reluctantly do what the black screen of death suggested, "contact the manufacturer".

The A200 was rushed immediately to Future Shop once again. The A200 is getting a new keyboard (yay) but is also putting out loving Jasmine another $100 for something to do with the operating system.

The current state of the A200 is unknown. It is (hopefully) sitting in a technician's bed somewhere, being loved and cared for.

Jasmine can't sleep without the A200, she has been out of touch with the world.

I LOVE YOU A200, come back!

(no subject)
Apparently our local transit system may possibly go on strike on Thursday night/Friday morning which is just freaking peachy because you know who else is on strike? Drive test. So even if I wanted to, it's not like I could go get my license so I could drive to school. It costs $30 to cab one way, not to mention that I would be waiting like a week for a cab. Plus I am the only one in my area who actually needs to go to Friday classes. *head desk*

Google says it would take me a bit over 2 hours to walk, it's about an 8km route. I dunno how I would feel about walking 2 hours in the rain...or snow. Actually I do know how I feel about it, and I don't like it one bit.

I think I would have to quit my job and hope to find something within walking distance of my house, that would tragic...

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Congrats, PB&J, Smack and Katy
Not that I'm always around on LJ, but I just spent a week at a national Presbyterian youth conference in St Catherines, sans internet. The same conference I went to 3 years ago, but this time I was part of the Mission Branch.

We did a lot of mission work and just being in a community full of like minded people, willing and wanting to meet new friends, believing in the same things and having the same goals made me feel so...relieved. I dunno, it was a very spiritual experience, and it kind of made me want to drop my life and move to the desert to save children...

Regardless, I'm all hugged out.

(no subject)
Snippet from an email I sent to Graham (who is in Brazil!!!) recounting my shift on Saturday. It should be noted that I had been working closes all week and on 2 of the closes I had to do shit loads of extra cleaning because of a tour on Friday. Ashley and I had made plans to see Bruno on Saturday night.

Don't worry, this is the bulk of the emailCollapse )

And on that note, we saw Bruno tonight and it wasn't that funny.


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